The Yankee One Design Class

a 1937 wooden racing sloop

The Beverly fleet, circa 1956. © New Bedford Whaling Museum
Y14 GADFLY leads Y33 LOTSWIFE, Y28 HAPHAZARD, and an unidentified 4th Yankee in the downwind leg of a Beverly Yacht Club race in     Sippican Harbor, Buzzards Bay, 1956. Photo by Norman Fortier. Courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum

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Yankee One Design Y36 VENTURE under construction, Stone Boatyard. 1949. Photo by John Linderman.
Y36 VENTURE, under construction at Stone Boatyard, Alameda, CA. 1949. Photo by John Linderman.
Yankee One Design Y19 DAWN sailing on Lake Erie, 2012
Y19 DAWN, Lake Erie. 2012
Yankee One Design Y21 SIROCCO leading the pack in the Les Calanques Classiques. 2015
Y21 SIROCCO, racing in the Les Calanques Classiques. 2015

Sailing and wooden boat construction photos

We have 78 years of great photos — sailing, racing, and building Yankees.

Where are They Now?

41 Yankees were built between 1937 and 2010. Most are gone now, though a handful are still sailing, and maybe one or two are in barns, awaiting discovery. Some Yankees have fascinating stories, while others just vanished. 15 are currently know to exist, worldwide.

YOD class happenings

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  • A new cockpit for Y29 WESTWARD HO